Letter To My 19 Year OLd Self

Dear John,

Two years from then you’ll be here typing this.You’ll be thinking of what to tell your 19 year old self,and what to hide.But truth is you are proud of being now and would just really love to give your then a few tips.You’d tell him;

You’ve just finished high school.It was some 4 years of your best lifetime,you’ll treasure some of the relationships you built over the period.In fact,the strongest of them will directly influence the large chunk of your 20 year old self.Two of the relations will go on to prove a detriment to your present self.But don’t worry,looking at the greater picture they’re for the greater good.

Oh ! and don’t worry about the exam,you’ll pass. In fact,that moment you get notified,you’ll get your most amazing 30 seconds of your lifetime.It was a fight well done,but the war is not yet over.The greatest challenge is yet to come-The university.

Your high school dream will be accomplished ( or you think will be) when you set foot at the university doors.Shock is something you should learn to counter-you’ll get hordes of them.Yes,you’ll step foot onto the university but the unprecedented challenges will force you to step back for a while.You will make great friends.YOU’ll have fun.You’ll enjoy the whole time though you’ll be having spasms of sadness,longing,troubles and relationship hurdles.

You’ll be forced to defer your studies.The government will know you are dependent on them,just like your father,they will disappoint.You will hate everyone else,apart from yourself. Don’t they know you want to study ?

But don’t lose hope yet.God has his ways.You’ll do just fine though the time after will be the trickiest,most demanding time of your life.

You’ll make the worst mistakes,and the best decisions in equal measure,in whole of your lifetime.You’ll learn from some and not see sense in some of the mistakes.You’ll have to make choices and life changing decisions whereas most times instinct will play its part driving to some of your most devisive choices.

Advice dear,live life,smile often,work hard and smart,dream big and push the limits.


your 21 year old self.

ON HUMILITY-greatest leaders trick.

The best trick to make the greatest leader….

That moment in life where the most fulfilling thing has happened,you plan to tell the world “Yes,I did”,then a random stranger shocks you with a request.How do you respond ( or react to this) ?

My greatest mentor this year Mr. Winston OLuoch,touched on this issues a while back.I have been trying to digest his reasoning,and I want a third opinion on it.He told me there is a difference between “Responding” and “Reacting”.

Reaction,he argued is a pre-determined expression.Going back to my scenario,it entails shushing the guy off !! I mean doesn’t he know you are trying to enjoy your day. If you are one of some kind I know,you’d even ask your friend “Who does that ?!”.This kind of expression is ingrained in almost all of us.Its natural for us to want to block any hindrances to us having fun or enjoying ourselves after a hard days work.

Responding,he contemplated,is a well calculated-emotionally sensitive expression.Its taking your time off “your’self and willingly serve the stranger.Even if it means missing out on everything.This kind goes back to his/her friends and says “It sure was a hard call,but quite a nice guy,he is.”

The former is egocentric,worldwide “accepted” expression.The latter is more grilled in an individual level.Great leaders are also the greatest servants.In order to win hearts,you must be willing to lose,yours.

We all want to be first,be leaders, be better than.Who is willing to take both the leading and the servitude roles ? Great leadership skills will take you there,but a significant amount of humility will keep you there.  So be a servant,you will be the greatest leader you can EVER BE.

Life In Generation

“Give me a clear vision that I may know where and for what am standing for, for if not, I will stand for anything and fall for everything.” although I have forgotten the author of the quotation,one thing I know and will remember to remember is that the past six weeks have been a vision impacting journey.

Am John Busolo by government credentials,friends call me either “Saint” or recently “Gent”,depends on where we met.My 20 or so self,like many others’,has seen its fair share “ndrama and vindios”.From conception,childhood,kindergarten to this proud kenyan now standing tall than its mountain.Yet, despite having gone there done that,no period has been exhilirating ,confidence building, and bond creating as my 5 weeks stint at Generation program.

Generation an initiative to mend youth’s bridges.A progeny of the partnership between USAID organization and CAPYEI progam,the program is a first in kenya and is still in its pilot stage-and am a proud pioneer candidate.Youths are modelled into financial sales and linked into Kenya’s most reputable Insurance and Banking institutions.It runs on mindsets,behavioral skills and sales skills impacting on the candidates.

The experience has been way above my expectations.FRom simple settings like class lectures to mind numbing ¬†fieldwork simulations ( I mean who would sell a dozen bottled litre water in this el-nino,cold weather and still profit from the venture to buy “Dirtify”-a mixture of chapati and green grams soup from the shady hotel across the street ?)

The bonding has been celestial.I have created family worth of friends that will last a lifetime.Sheilla Dindi and Scovia Kakai,have been my backbone,thank you.NOT forgetting everyone from the coaches with a special gratitude to the exemplary leader Winston OLuoch, to my batchmates.Special note to Asha,Lawrence,Ndichu,Fredrick,Jerusa,Annrose and Valentine.

We are parting ways but eternity i will be greatful for every soul that made it happen. Remember-






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